Thursday August 27, 2020

10am: Good morning!
Our blustery morning started with harbour and gray seals at Blacks Ledge. From there, we picked up a fin whale off of White Island and patiently followed it to Head Harbour Light, where we got some great looks. We headed into the islands where we watched a minke and a couple of porpoises before heading home.

1:30pm: This afternoon we started with seals and then caught up with a finback off Nancy Head and followed the large whale along the Campobello shoreline towards White Island. We also saw lots of porpoise before heading back to St. Andrews.

5pm: We headed out from a very windy wharf and found a big feeding group of porpoise and birds. A fin whale was not to far off from there and we followed the fin as it moved through the islands. We had some ‘fintastic’ looks! A little harbour seal was curious about the boat and swam up nice and close to have a good look at us!

blow of a finback – image by Tracey

finback whale – image by Tracey

Thanks to Dani for the update this morning and Claire for the afternoon and evening updates!
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