Sunday August 23, 2020
10am: This morning we had 2 minke whales including local favourite, Slice! We saw harbour porpoise, seals and 3 bald eagles!
1:30pm: This afternoon we had a minke whale in Passamaquoddy Bay! This was a first for today’s crew and we got lots of great looks. We stopped with seals, harbour porpoise, saw the Head Harbour Lighthouse and watched another minke whale as well.
5pm: This evening we stopped with harbour and grey seals and then found 2 minke whales, harbour porpoise, and 2 eagles. We spent time with them then moved off to spend time with another couple of minke whales before returning our passengers to St Andrews.

grey seal – image by Rika

bald eagle – image by Rika

bald eagle on a marker – image by Rika

minke off Head Harbour Light – image by Rika

harbour seal holding on to the last bit of rock exposed before the tide fully comes in – image by Rika

double crested cormorant drying their wings off, they lack oil in their feathers so they need to dry their feathers after spending time in the water – image by Rika

minke – image by Rika

minke – image by Rika


Thank you to Rika and Claire for the updates today!
And thank you to our passengers for choosing the catamaran for your Fundy adventure,
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Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊