Thursday August 13, 2020

10am: This morning we had clear visibility (yay no fog!) and we headed out. We stopped with 2 minkes, found some harbour porpoise, 5 bald eagle adults, 1 juvenile, and then 2 more minke whales, including Slice, a favourite minke among local whale watchers! We stopped with seals on the way back to St Andrews.

1:30pm: We had 3 or maybe 4 minke whales this afternoon. It was nice and calm and we some great looks. While we waited for one whale to surface we caught a glimpse of a shark! Not sure what kind as it was a quick look at dorsal and tail fin. Lots of porpoise around as well.

5pm: We had two or three minke whales this evening, including Slice! Lots of porpoise feeding in the area with lots of birds too.

minke off East Quoddy Head Light – Image by Dani

minke – Image by Dani

minke – Image by Dani

seals at low tide – Image by Dani

minke – Image by Dani

Thank You to Rika for the morning update and Claire for the afternoon and evening reports!  And to Dani for sharing her images.
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