Saturday July 25, 2020

10am: This morning we started with grey and harbour seals on Black Ledge. It was low tide so we got great looks at all the seals hanging out on the ledges. We also picked up 4 minke whales throughout our trip, including local favourite Slice! We viewed the lighthouse, Head Harbour Light on Campobello Island and saw a couple fin whales from a distance. We also passed Breadknife, another minke whale on our way home to St. Andrews.

1:30pm: The afternoons trip started out with great sightings of Slice and another minke whale around the Nubble. We headed out to Head Harbour where we were greeted with flocks of Bonapartes gulls, harbour porpoises, and 2 minkes swimming off of Campobello Island. From there, we headed across to Bliss Island and were lucky enough to get some great looks at a fin whale before heading home to St. Andrews.

5pm: This evening we quickly picked up a couple of bald eagles (an adult and a juvenile) flying by. We had great looks at 2 minke whales; one of whom was Slice, a local favourite. We visited Head Harbour Lighthouse and Bliss Lighthouse. We saw another bald eagle adult hanging out on a green marker. And we stopped with harbour and grey seals on Black Ledge on the way back to St Andrews.

minke whale

Slice, a favorite minke whale among whale watchers in the area. The American boats have another name for Slice, they call her Stumpy

watching a finback from the upper deck of the Quoddy Link

harbour porpoise

Thanks to Rika and Dani for the updates today and as always, all of our passengers who joined us on the catamaran.  And thank you to Rika for sharing her images,
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Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊