Friday July 17, 2020

10am: This morning we went out and saw harbour seals on Black Ledge with grey seals swimming around in the water. We spent some time with the nesting birds on White Horse Island before our eagle eyed passengers picked up porpoises and a minke whale. We spent time with the minke and had some nice looks. We cruised by East Quoddy Head Lighthouse on Campobello Island and saw an adult bald eagle. We even saw a Deer on Mac’s Island on our way through Little Letete, a well rounded trip!

1:30pm: This afternoon we went out, stopping at Black Ledge with the harbour and grey seals. We found a couple of minkes actively feeding in the same area and spent time watching one come up on one side, diving down, only to have the other one come up on the other side! Sometimes those whales really help us get our steps in while aboard the Quoddy Link! We took a look at the Head Harbour Lighthouse and went to check out the gulls on White Horse Island. Claire spotted a pair of hip waders (similar to thick rain pants) in the water and she managed to fish them out with Captain Mat’s skills at the helm. Just as she got the pants aboard, the gulls all erupted from White Horse Island. We looked up just in time to see the entire colony of gulls chasing off after an adult bald eagle that came by. We had a Canada goose just off the island as well. What an exciting day!

THANKS to our passengers who joined us today and THANK YOU to Rika for the updates!

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Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊