Thursday July 9, 2020

10am: Our morning departure started out in the Fundy fog. We watched harbour and gray seals splash around at Splitting Knife and headed to White Horse Island. On the island we saw three baby kittiwake chicks and more pairs sitting on nests. We picked up a minke in head harbour and followed it over to White Island, where we picked up an additional minke and Slice, a favourite minke among West Isle whale watchers, for some great views. In among the whales were jumping krill, fish and porpoise eating as well.

1:30pm: The afternoon trip started with lots of seals on Blacks Ledge. We headed towards Head Harbour Passage to watch some porpoise and we were lucky enough to meet up with four minkes, including Slice again! To end our tour, we sailed by an eagle’s nest on Popes Island and were greeted by a juvenile bald eagle sitting in the nest. We concluded our trip back through Western Passage which runs between Deer Island and the coast of Maine.

Thank You to all of our passengers who joined us today and THANK YOU to Dani for the todays updates!

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Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊