Sunday July 5, 2020

10am: This mornings trip was cancelled due to a severe thunderstorm warning.

1:30pm: This afternoon, the weather cleared up and off we went to Head Harbour Passage where we picked up a minke whale and some porpoise groups. We stayed with the whale as it swam up the coastline of Campobello Island and as it swam out to the Bay, we headed off to check out the eaglet in the nest on Pope’s Island. We spotted an adult eagle on nearby Casco Bay Island, and spent time with harbour and grey seals of Casco’s ledges. Then we went over to Whitehorse Island and saw the great black backed gulls, herring gulls, black-legged kittiwakes, cormorants, and a few grey seals. We also watched some gulls “dive bombing” the green side of Whitehorse Island, so we slowly made our way over to see what had them so upset. There was an adult bald eagle sitting there! We often see eagles on Whitehorse this time of the season when the seabirds are nesting, young chicks can make a great and easy to catch snack. We also see lots of eagles on the Horse in the fall as they seem to roost on the Island. A beautiful sight.

minke whale in Head Harbour Passage off Campobello Island, NB

adult bald eagle on Whitehorse Island

checking out some seals at low tide. These reefs covered in algae are only exposed at low tide so the seals take advantage and take a rest. If you have ventured out on the water in Fundy you understand how much the scenery will change with the tides! It’s incredible and you really need to know where you are going!

Bonaparte’s gulls are beginning to arrive. They are here to feed on krill and other planktonic animals in the tidal waters of Fundy

THANK YOU to Rika for the update and the images!

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