Saturday July 4, 2020

The Quoddy Link had three great trips today and THANK YOU again to Rika for all of the updates! It is SO appreciated.  And thank you Rika for all of the images.

10am: This morning was quite foggy starting out but it started clearing once we got out to the Bay of Fundy. We spent time with harbour and grey seals on Black Ledge. We were able to spot and spend time with two different minke whales. We stopped by Pope’s Island to see a bald eagle adult and juvenile. And Captain Mat’s friends aboard the Black Beauty swung by and showed us some lobsters they caught today! We also saw porpoise groups, and lots of terns and gulls.

1:30pm: This afternoon we had a minke whale locally known as Breadknife. We spent some time with Breadknife and got great looks. There was another minke as well. Then we checked out the eagle’s nest on Pope’s Island and saw a couple adult eagles nearby. We saw porpoise and lots of seals.

5pm: This evening we again spent time with Breadknife. We saw a couple adult bald eagles and a juvenile “teenage” eagle. We checked out East Quoddy Head Light on Campobello. We saw porpoise and seals swimming in Head Harbour Passage. We took Big Letite Passage back to St Andrews and stopped to watch some porpoise in Passamaquoddy Bay.

watching harbour porpoise from the Quoddy Link

Getting a look at some seals at low tide

minke whale, Breadknife, off Spruce Island

minke whale, that’s Whitehorse Island in the background which is a nesting sight for seabirds

minke whale in the Islands

To read today that our crew and passengers got to spend some time with Breadknife made my heart SMILE. Breadknife is a minke I have spent time with every season since my first with Quoddy Link in 2002. I hope to make it out there at some point this season….
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Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊