We had another great day and this afternoon we even had a GRAND SLAM, which mean we saw all 4 species of large whales that are commonly seen in the Bay of Fundy!

Sunday September 15, 2019

10am: This morning we started our trip with seals at Black Ledge then moved over towards the mouth of Head Harbour Passage where we picked up a humpback whale, Cork. We got some great looks at Cork, she was doing some longer dives but while she was under there were so many harbour porpoise in the Passage it was beautiful. We then headed over towards Whitehorse where there was another humpback but as we were waiting we picked up a minke whale. This minke was never moving far seemed to be feeding quite actively. There was a few lunge feeds and we could see the ventral pleats extended. When minke whales surface they can bring their entire rostrum out of the water and make a wave as they push their head forwards and this minke was doing a textbook job and demonstrating! We left the minke and checked out the other humpback was was in the area, Chevron and we also had a large fin whale too not far from Bliss. A great morning with a boat full of international students visiting from Fredericton.

2pm: This afternoon was a GRAND SLAM, we saw all 4 species of whales common in the Bay of Fundy. We started with Chevron, a humpback whale along the Bliss Island shoreline. We got some great looks and while we were watching Chevron Captain John picked up another blow further down past Blacks. We slowly made our way down and confirmed Johns suspicions, we had a NORTH ATLANTIC RIGHT WHALE! The whale was doing 10 minute dives and not moving too far and we were able to get some great looks. While we were waiting for the right whale a large finback surfaced and we could see another fin whale blowing further down the coastline. We got 4 series from the right whale and decided to move on and head over towards Campobello Island and see if we could find a minke. Behind Casco we picked up at least 3 minkes and we got some great views before it was time to head back to St. Andrews but we made a quick stop with seals at Black Ledge on our way back into Passamaquoddy Bay.

minke whale, check out the minke mittens, those white bands on the pectoral flippers

minke whale surfacing, lifting the rostrum out of the water and creating a wave

Chevron, a humpback, with mud all over the underside of the flukes

North Atlantic right whale

North Atlantic right whale

THANK YOU to everyone who joined us on this beautiful and warm September day!
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Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊