Good evening everyone, we were back on the water today after Dorian passed by.  We didn’t get hit nearly as hard as the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia did but we did have lots of rain and wind yesterday.

Here is our sightings from today

Sunday September 8, 2019
2pm: We only had one departure today and we were expecting more sea condition but with light winds we had calm seas and barely any swell. This afternoon we started with seals at Black Ledge and then made our way offshore. On our way out we stopped with a slow moving finback off Bliss then headed out behind the Wolves. It didn’t take long and we picked up a NORTH ATLANTIC RIGHT WHALE! We a great look at a series and after the whale dove we saw another right whale at a distance and a humpback and we waited 15 minutes but never saw the right whale we were with again. As we were waiting the wind and sea condition picked up and we slowly started to make our way towards the Bank as we could see a few humpbacks blowing over there. Again we waited and the sea condition built so Captain Mat decided to take us back inshore towards the protection of the Islands. We made our way towards Nancy Head off Campobello and we got word from our friends at Island Cruises that there was a humpback in the area. We stopped and got some great looks at Chevron and there was also at least 8 adult bald eagles along the Campobello shoreline. Then it was time to start heading home and we made our way past Head Harbour Light and through the Islands on our way back to St. Andrews.

North Atlantic right whale

North Atlantic right whale

humpback, Chevron

THANK YOU to everyone who joined us today and to everyone who was flexible and rebooked as the weather passed through yesterday.
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Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊