Good evening everyone,

We have had some great trip the past few days but yesterday morning our fin whale sighting was incredible.  We spent time in Whale Cove with a large group of fin whales all traveling and feeding together.  There was 8-10 fins all surfacing together, it was absolutely incredible and all of our passengers (and crew) were in awe.

We are continuing to have great humpback sightings offshore and when the offshore area is not accessible due to high winds or thick fog we are seeing minke and finback whales in the warm, protected waters of the Islands.

harbour seals

very curious young humpback

This young humpback has not yet been matched to the catalogue. Check out the white marks, those are orca teeth marks (known as rake marks), this young whale was attacked by a killer whale, most likely while it was a calf.

fin whales

fin whales

fin whales

humpback named Bowline


Thank You to everyone who has joined us on the Quoddy Link the past 2 days,

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Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊