Hello everyone, it’s Danielle back for another season with Quoddy Link Marine.  This is my 18th season with the company and Quoddy Link is celebrating our 25th season whale watching on the Bay of Fundy!  As always I will be posting updates here weekly but there will be daily updates with lots of images on our Facebook page.

Our season has started off great with lots of life around.  We are seeing minke whales on almost every departure (there have been a few trips where we have not seen whales but there has always been an additional factor involved like weather conditions).  And in the past few days we have started to see a few fin whales not far from home either, which is a little early for us but a great sign there is a lot of food in the area.

minke whale in Head Harbour Passage

minke whale, Breadknife


fin whale

There have been plenty of harbour porpoise around, much to the delight of our passengers.

harbour porpoise

The seals are also here in good numbers, both harbour and greys and they have been hauling out on their typical ledges such as Black Ledge and the reefs around Casco Bay Island.

female grey seals

Whitehorse Island started out really positive with over 70 nesting pairs of black-legged kittiwakes but it appears that most of the nests have been abandoned and we are not sure of the cause.  But yesterday I did photograph 2 nests with young which is a positive sign.  The herring gull chicks are also around and have started to make an appearance on the rocks.

herring gull chick

nesting black-legged kittiwake


The bald eagle sightings have also been great, with an active nest on Casco Bay Island and the young eaglet is already flying!

Thanks for checking in and I will do my best to update here as often as I can but please check our Facebook page for daily updates,

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Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊