Good evening everyone!  Danielle here with Quoddy Link Marine with a little update.  Sorry for not posting daily sightings and updates here but please always check out our facebook page daily for what we are seeing and lots of pictures from every departure.

We have been seeing whales on every departure with most trips seeing humpbacks.  I have documented more humpbacks in the past 2 weeks than I have in any other season.  And we have even been watching humpbacks in and off Head Harbour Passage!  There have been lots of minkes in Head Harbour and yesterday we had at least 6 finback whales between Blacks and the Wolves.

There are lots of harbour porpoise around and the seals are as curious as ever on the ledges.  The nesting colony of gulls on Whitehorse looks great, the chicks are quite big and most have fledged.

Here are some images from the past week

humpback off Head Harbour Light

Triton, a humpback, in Head Harbour Passage

Vee, a humpback, in Head Harbour Passage

humpback, Vee

humpback, Vee


humpback, Triton off Wilson’s Beach


humpback, Fundy


Thanks for checking in with us!



Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊