Hello everyone, wee have been having some lovely weather here in St. Andrews and the whale watching has continued to be fantastic with finback and minke whales.  There are more and more porpoise around, we are seeing more krill (food for whales and other wildlife) in the water and detecting more fish in the traditional feeding grounds.  The young birds are growing quickly and the seals are as curious as ever.

Here are some images from the past few days

Finback whale Taken from the Fundy Odyssey

Watching seals from the Fundy Odyssey

Finback whale and an aquaculture boat

Finback whale

minke whale, Breadknife

Finback whale

nesting black-legged kittiwakes

nesting black-legged kittiwakes

blow of a finback Taken from the Fundy Odyssey

nesting black-legged kittiwakes

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Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊