Wednesday, June 27, 2018
THANK YOU to Rika for the updates today!!
“Today we had a charter group in the morning that we took out. We stopped at Black Ledge and looked at 4 grey seals then quickly picked up a minke just between Hardwood and Adam Islands. The minke gave us a few good looks before it started doing longer dives. We moved off to look at Whitehorse Island where we could see a few gull chicks on the rocks. The black-legged kittiwakes were mostly on their nests today. We picked up another minke off Campobello and stayed with it for a bit but it started doing longer dives the closer we got to slack tide. We did pick up a couple of harbour porpoises in Head Harbour Passage then looked at a bald eagle on Spruce Island before heading home.

This afternoon we picked up porpoises while still in Passamaquoddy Bay and stopped to see seals on the way out. There was one seal on the ledge but there were several more in the surrounding water. We started out slowly to see if we could find a minke in the area and we found one off White Island. It wasn’t very easy to watch and as the boat traffic increased we moved on to take a look in Head Harbour Passage. We found another minke but he was also difficult to watch, sometimes whales are just much more interested in searching for food than anything else. We did catch up with another pod of porpoises and got some nice looks. Before heading back, we stopped and looked at a bald eagle and stopped again with the seals as the tide had begun to ebb and more shoals were exposed for the seals to haul out. ”

Thanks again to Rika for the updates, I will be back on the water soon myself and I can’t wait to get out there!

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊