Sunday, June 24, 2018
Thank You to Rika for todays update
“For today’s trip we stopped to look at harbour and grey seals on our way out. Then we moved off to see White Horse island where we could see many gull chicks standing around on the island. The black-legged kittiwake colony was still there although it looks like fewer were actually sitting on nests. The numerous others were kinda hanging around the water’s edge. From there we made our way slowly over to East Quoddy Lighthouse and picked up a small minke just off Sandy Island. We followed it back over to Campobello and at one point it swam very close in front of us and gave the guests a wonderful view of its outline. We could see its mittens and the size of the tail with exceptional clarity. Amazing. After that it started getting harder to watch (so it’s time to let the whale be alone, it’s all about respect) so we moved over off Simpson to view a larger minke. We finished the trip with several great views of the whale moving slowly along with us off our port side and headed back in to St. Andrews. We hope all of our passengers had a really great time!”

Eaglets on Campobello

Harbour Porpoise

minke whale

minke whale

Our 30th Anniversary! šŸŽŠ