Good evening everyone, we have been having some great sightings of minke whales the past few days, a really great way to start off our season!

Thursday June 21, 2018
We had a trip in the afternoon with a group of students from our local high school, Sir James Dunn Academy and they had a special trip with a spy hopping minke! Surface behaviour such as spy hopping and breaching is more common is charismatic humpbacks but you never know what you may see on the water.
Thanks to Dani for the update

Friday June 22, 2018
Thank You to Rika for todays sightings
“This morning we took a motor coach group out. We stopped to look at seals at Black Ledge, then moved off to White Horse island to see the black-legged kittiwakeĀ colony. One of the lobster boats drew alongside us when they hauled in a trap and we got some great looks at lobsters they held up. After that we quickly picked up an adult minke just between White Horse Island and Campobello and got some fantastic looks. A second minke showed up shortly after that. On our way by Head Harbour lighthouse, pods of porpoises joined us and we got some really great looks as the water was very clear today. We even saw a couple of baby porpoises! We spotted and watched 3 adult bald eagles, one juvenile and an eagle’s nest on Spruce island.
Our afternoon trip we took our passengers out and stopped by Black Ledge to look at the seals. We moved into the Campobello area and picked up a minke whale off Casco Bay. What a show! This minke got curious about us and actually swam up beside, behind, and under us. The water was so clear we could very easily pick out the minke mittens, see the girth of the whale and we could see the trail outline as well! We moved back up Campobello where we got some spectacular views of 2 eaglets in their nest and picked up a juvenile minke but he or she was very intent on long dives. We stopped at White Horse island to view the gulls before heading back in. On the way back through Little Letete Passage a bald eagle carrying another large bird flew by!”

Thank you to all of our passengers who have joined us so far for our 2018 season!

Our 30th Anniversary! šŸŽŠ