Hello everyone, it’s Danielle here with another update brought to you by Jolinne!  This one is from a charter on our new Zodiac-style boat, The Fundy Odyssey.

August 14th, 2017 Odyssey Trip

The Odyssey has been on the water off and on now for the past month. It has been used as an “over flow” boat to take passengers out for a regular whale watch. It is also available to be chartered for a small group. That’s what we had this morning, a six-hour charter.

They wanted to see the area and wildlife, so we started off with seals on the ledge. Swung by Green’s Point Light, made our way to Southern Wolf, were we had more seals. From there we made our way to the Wolves Bank. Once on the Bank we found a humpback mom and calf pair, Motley and her 2017 calf, while watching the two, we had a basking shark breach in the distance and within 30 seconds the calf breached right next to us! There was two other humpbacks in the distance and also a few fin whales in the distance. From there we made our way to the shore of Grand Manan Island, seen The Whistle and Swallowtail Light. We then returned to the Bank. Things changed a little, Puppet (humpback) was now traveling with Motley and her calf, and we ended up getting a good tail slap from Puppet. We got amazing looks at 3 fin whales traveling together and ended up getting a quick look at Chevron and Tusk (humpbacks) which were not traveling together. We then made our way to Campobello Island and seen the East Quoddy Head Light, seen two minke whales and lots of harbour porpoises! On our way home we stopped into the Old Sow!

Motley + 2017 calf

Puppet with Motley + 2017 calf




Humpback (fin in background)


Greater shearwater


Herring weir

Fin whales

Swallowtail Light

Long Eddy Light (The Whistle)

East Quoddy Head Light

bald eagle

the Old Sow

minke whale (and a porpoise)

Greens Point Light

red-necked phalaropes

Thank You for checking in and if you are interested in chartering The Odyssey for a special trip please give the office a call at 1-877-688-2600 or email Lisa at info@quoddylinkmarine.com for more information!



Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊