Good evening again everyone, thanks for checking back in with us!  Danielle here again bringing you another update from the Quoddy Link thanks to Jolinne.

August 12, 2017
On the morning departure they made their way to the Wolves Bank and spent time with at least 3 fin whales before returning home.

The afternoon departure we were on our way out towards the bank when a fin whale crossed our path. So we stopped, turned around and stayed inshore. At first this whale was traveling at higher speeds, arching very high but surfacing quite frequently. Once it made its way towards Blacks Harbour it found its food and the behaviour completely changed. It was then surfacing very low, never arching, but not diving for long as the fish were near the surface and plentiful. We spent some time with this whale as it was very easy to watch.

The evening departure we were making our way towards the Wolves Bank, when once again a fin whale surfaced. We slowed down for it and we then had a humpback surface right it its spot. It’s not often we’ll leave both a fin whale and a humpback (Spoon’s 2015 calf) inshore, however, Tide Runners informed us that there were more whales offshore. So we kept going and found 3 humpbacks traveling side-by-side and there was also a fin whale in the area. Passengers were excited for the fin whale, I may have been distracted with the humpbacks. We did spend most of the time with Partition, Puppet and Tusk and got to see the “Tusk Twist”!

Thanks again to everyone that joined us on these departures!


2015 calf of Spoon

humpback pectoral flipper




humpback (and storm petrels)

humpback playing in rockweed



humpbacks (Partition’s fluke)

Humpbacks (Puppet’s fluke)

greater shearwater


the “Tusk Twist”

Make sure to check out the VIDEO on our Facebook page of the Partition, Puppet and Tusk (including the “Tusk Twist”) posted by our passenger Annette Grey-Jackson.

Thanks again for checking in with us today!



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