Hello everyone, Danielle here again bring you another update from the Bay thanks to Jolinne!

July 31st, 2017
The morning departure we had received word that there were fin whales further offshore and we made our way towards the Wolves Bank. While making our way out there we saw greater shearwaters and phalaropes. Once we got there we found not one but 4 fin whales traveling side by side! Between dives they were moving around some, however, at one point all four surfaced with 100ft from the catamaran. Before we left a 5th fin whale came into the area.

The afternoon departure we stayed inshore due to the winds. There was a fin whale near by which was surrounded by a lot of boat traffic so we decided to continue on and see if we could find a minke whale. We quickly did, however, this young minke whale was being its elusive self. It wasn’t easy to watch as it was diving for long times, spending very little time at the surface and constantly changing directing. Once the boat traffic disappeared around the fin whale we made our way over however we were unable to find it. So we continued to search amongst the island for another minke whale, while doing so we had a great looks at multiple harbour porpoises surfacing all around the catamaran. We did find another minke whale, it was quite possibly the original one, as it still wasn’t easy to watch. We did extend the trip to try to accommodate this whale and get better sightings.

The evening departure we made our way towards a fin whale that was being watched, eventually the boat traffic cleared up and we had some great looks. We then made our way towards East Quoddy Head Light and there were a few harbour porpoises and we also found two soaring bald eagles above Spruce Island.

Thanks to everyone that joined us on these departures today

Harbour seals

Three finback whales

Pair of fin whales

Harbour and grey seals

Three finbacks

Greater shearwater

Fin whale

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊