Good evening everyone, Danielle here with Quoddy Link Marine bring you another update from the water thanks to Jolinne!

“The morning’s departure we stopped and spent some time with seals before making our way towards Bliss Island/ Blacks Harbour. We found two fin whales that weren’t traveling together, but it seemed like they kept moving somewhat together as they were feeding. From there we made our way to Whitehorse Island; the black-legged kittiwakes are still on the island, however they are no longer sitting on their nests. While making our way back home in the Islands we found and spend time with a young minke whale and found two bald eagles.

The afternoon’s departure we stayed in the islands. We started off with seals and then found a minke whale near Head Harbour Light. This minke whale wasn’t the easiest whale to watch so we left it and continued our way down Head Harbour Passage. It wasn’t long before we found a second minke whale, Slice! Slice was quite easy to watch and was traveling at a pretty good speed for a minke whale.

The evening’s departure was cancelled due to a lack of interest.

Slice, a favourite minke whale

Slice, minke whale

Slice, a minke whale

Bald eagle

I do want to thank all the hardy passengers we had today, as it wasn’t the warmest or the driest day out on the water today!”

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Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊