Good evening everyone, here is another update from Jolinne:

July 22

“This morning we made our way straight off to the Wolves Bank, however the fin whales that were there yesterday seemed to have moved on. We did end up spending time with a few feeding minke whales near Eastern Wolf.

On the afternoon departure we stayed in the Islands. We started off with a few minkes whales near Wilson’s Beach, Campobello Island, however, with all the boat traffic we kept moving on in order to keep the boat numbers to a minimum. We ended up going to see East Quoddy Head Light and doing a tour around the Owen Basin, in case the fin whales had moved into that area. There were no whales sighted, however on our way home we ended up finding a single minke and had it to ourselves. We had some great and close up looks (including seeing the minke’s mittens).

I was told that the evening departure had a few minke whales and had some great looks.”

Curious female grey seal

Fluke prints of a minke whale

Red-necked phalaropes

Minke whale approaching the Quoddy Link

minke whale

Harbour and grey seals

Thanks to everyone who joined us today and thank you for checking in!



Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊