Hello everyone, Danielle here with Quoddy Link Marine.  I have some updates to share with you from Jolinne!!  THANK YOU again to Jolinne for maintaining the updates while I am unable to be out on the Quoddy!!

Let’s start with July 5

Today was a FINtastic day!
The morning departure began by spending some time with the same young minke whale we had yesterday morning. Today however we seen a behaviour I’ve never seen (in my 9 years) a minke whale do, “play” in the floating rockweed! This is something I’ve seen humpbacks whales do, but never a minke whale! We then continued out towards the Wolves and found our first fin whale of the season!
This afternoon we went straight back to the Wolves, and spent most of our time there with that same fin whale from the morning. It wasn’t moving very far or staying down for very long, meaning it was really easy and nice to watch. Before returning home, we spent time with some seals and had a great opportunity to lake in the size different between a harbour seal which was next to a large male grey seal.

Harbour seals

Female grey seal

Female harbour seal in front and male grey seal in the back. Harbours and greys are easily distinguishable by their head shape, nostrils, coat colour and size.

FIRST finback of the 2017 season. FINtastic.

young minke whale in the rockweed!


young minke whale playing in the rockweed.

Grey seals on the left and smaller harbour seal

Fin whale

Fin whale, note the lower right jaw which is white.

July 6th, 2017
The winds were higher today, and we were unable to make our way out to the Wolves on either departure today. We stayed inshore amongst the islands for the two departures and were able to have great seals, harbour porpoise and bald eagle sightings.

July 7th, 2017
I was told that the trips today were spent in the Islands. In the morning they were able to actually see the herring bait ball that the harbour porpoises had gathered. Not only were they able to watch the harbour porpoises feed, a bald eagle joined in and was able to take TWO talon full of herring at on point! They also spent time with a minke whale.

The afternoon departure they were able to watch Slice, the minke whale feed near the surface and found a 2nd minke whale.

Thanks so much for checking in today!  Check back often for updates and visit our Facebook page for more pictures and lots of whale news!