Hello everyone, Happy Canada Day and a Happy July 4th as well to our American friends!

On the morning of July 1st, Canada Day, we did 2, 45 minute trips around Navy Island in support of the St. Andrews Open Door Program raising more than $400 for the food bank!  Thank You to everyone who joined us and we hope to see you next year as we hope to make this a yearly event!

Herring weir on the backside of Navy Island, one of the only weirs in the area currently netted

Here is an update for our afternoon whale watch on July 1st from Jolinne

“In the afternoon we did make our way out for our regular whale watch. The fog lifted in some areas which allowed us to search for whales. We covered a lot of ground and did multiple circles based on what the other whale watching captains were radioing in (fog conditions and what was beingsighted). We were unable to find any whales, however we did spend time with seals, harbour porpoises, the nesting black-legged kittiwakes and a bald eagle. On our way home, John decided to take us through Western Passage and we spend some time drifting and circling around in the Old Sow (huge tidal whirlpool)!”

Harbour seal pup

The Old Sow

Grey seal (L) and harbour seal (R)

Old Sow

Adult bald eagle, a common position we see them in on very foggy days and/or after the rain as they try to dry their feathers

Here is an update for July 2 from our naturalist Jolinne:

“Today we were able to find a minke despite the ever-moving fog patches! At the beginning of the trip we spent time with harbour and grey seals which were hauled out on a reef. We then spent time searching the area between Whitehead and Bliss Island Light, as this is where we have had the majority of our minke whale sightings for this season. Slice (a minke whale that we have seen in our region since 2010) however was sighted today off the shores of Campobello Island. This was a great sighting as we haven’t seen this whale for almost 2 weeks. While we were making our way back towards Saint Andrews, we stopped and played in the Old Sow and were able to have some great looks at the harbour porpoises.”

Old Sow off the Southern tip of Deer Island

East Quoddy Head Light with some Canadian Pride. East Quoddy marks the northern tip of Campobello Island, part of NB, but much better known through American history as FDR summered on the Island.

Slice, a minke whale

harbour and grey seals

Passengers enjoying the Old Sow off the bow of the Quoddy Link

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