Hello all, Danielle here with Quoddy Link Marine!  WOW, this season continues to blow us away with incredible encounters with whales.  We are still seeing minke and/or finbacks on every trip and when we can get offshore we are still seeing one of the 2 young humpbacks in the area and we have even still had a few trips with lots of right whales!!

On October 7th we had an incredible encounter with the 2015 calf a Spoon, a young make humpback who has shown to be very curious of boats.  Check out the video!!

Also on October 7th we had the opportunity to see a 60 foot finback breach 4 times in Head Harbour Passage (this whale would weigh approximately 100 000 lbs). It was incredible and it is incredibly rare to see a finback breach, so happy we were able to capture it on video!

On Sunday, September 9th we had an amazing afternoon with north Atlantic right whales, with at least 10 individuals in the area.


north Atlantic right whale



north Atlantic right whales


north Atlantic right whale


north Atlantic right whale


north Atlantic right whale


north Atlantic right whales

Thank You for checking in!  We have daily departures scheduled until the 26th of October but times vary and every trip is weather dependent as well we need a minimum number of passengers.  Please call the office for information and reservations, 1-877-688-2600.



Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊