Hello everyone, Danielle with Quoddy Link Marine here!!  I am so sorry for not posting more often but as always please check our Facebook page for daily posts.

I thought I would share some videos from our past three weeks to get you up to date.  As always, every trip is different and we can never guarantee a specific species for any trip!!

The last week in August we had a small number of right whales (8-10) that moved inshore, quite close to Campobello that we were able to see on many departure.  One of the highlights was a mother and calf pair, Clipper #3450 and her 2016 calf.

We have also been seeing 2 young humpbacks on many departures, one more often which has been IDed as the 2015 calf of Spoon.  Spoon is a very large humpback and her young yearling takes after her.  This young boy also shows a lot of curiosity in boats and has checked out the Quoddy Link on a few occasions.

We have had 2 trips in the past week where we have been able to travel out past the Wolves and spend time with ~ 20 north Atlantic right whales.  The whales have been spread out and deep feeding but they have been amazing trips!!  Again, there is no telling how long these whales will stay within our reach, it all depends on their food source

The finback whale sightings continue to be incredible, this morning we actually had 3 large fins feeding side by side way up off Windmill Point in Head Harbour Passage.  And we have had a few encounters with ocean sunfish too!

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