SIGHTINGS UPDATE for July 15, 2015
10am: We had some fog to deal with so we took Western Passage out into the Bay, the visibility improved but it wasn’t until the very end of the trip, well into the ebb tide that a fin whale showed up off Head Harbour. We also saw lots of seals and harbour porpoise.
1:30pm: We had some stronger SW but hearty passengers as we headed right off Head Harbour and we got a very brief look a minke but we knew the time of the tide wasn’t the greatest so we headed off to seals and bald eagles and let the tide flood a little. The birds groups built up (we saw about a dozen northern gannets and even some sooty and great shearwaters) and then we had 2 minke whales (Slice and another) who swam side by side the entire time we stayed with them. In my 15 years with Quoddy I have never seen 2 minke whales swim side by side like that….was so wonderful to see!!
THANK YOU to everyone who joined us today!!

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊