Good evening everyone, I am sorry about the lack of posts this week, we have been very busy with all of the buzz about our white shark sighting on Monday, July 21.  To read more about that sighting click HERE

The rest of our week has been familiar with daily sightings of minke whales, harbour and grey seals, harbour porpoise, bald eagles and a variety of seabirds.

I want to share some photos from this past week

Some minke whale sightings…


Check out the scarred leading edge of the dorsal fin 

Eagles and seabirds…we always take some time to visit with them

Father and chick razorbill pair 

And of course…..SEALS

female grey seal

harbour seal pup (left) and female grey seal

female grey seal 

harbour seal (middle) and female grey seals 

Thanks for checking in today, check back often for more sightings from Quoddy Link Marine,