We had three lovely trips today on the Bay and spent time on all departures with minke whales including Slice on all three trips

We also saw lots of seals and porpoise on every departure and made the time to stop at Whitehorse to visit the nesting colony there.

Harbour seals on the ledges off Casco Bay Island 

Great cormorant on Whitehorse Island 

We found this young bald eagle on our morning trip, a new fledgling of this season.  You can see that the underparts are all wet and this was most likely the first flight of this young bird and he had some difficulty and landed in the water and had to swim to this ledge.  We visited the area again on our evening trip and there were 2 adults in the same spot and they were calling and seem distressed.  Our fear is that the young wasn’t able to make it off the ledge and the parents were looking for him/her.  We can’t know for sure and will keep our fingers crossed for this little one.

Thanks to everyone who joined us today and thank for checking in!


Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊