Good evening everyone, we had a great day on the water with three trips…

This morning we spent time with three fin whales feeding in a small area on the flood tide.  We got some amazing looks at the whales, their colouring is so beautiful…you can clearing see the blaze and chevrons on the whales, and their lower, white right jaw.

We also saw lots of eagles along the Campobello shoreline. this morning.

This afternoon we spent time with Slice and three other minke whales.  And we stopped with a large group of feeding gulls and cormorants that also included about 10 bald eagles all fishing and eating on the wing.  Amazing to see.  There were also a lot of harbour porpoise feeding as well.

This evening we had a short trip with some students from NBCC St. Andrews and we saw three finback whales as well as an amazing sunset and full moon.


Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊