Good evening all, we had another 2 wonderful trips on the water today.

Our morning trip we spent time with 2 minke whales off the entrance to Head Harbour Passage and we also saw a fin whale, although he wasn’t overly cooperative we did manage to get a few good looks.



finback, you can see the blaze and the lower white, right jaw

fin whale

On our afternoon departure we did try and find the fin whale but we didn’t have any luck so we spent our time in the warmth of the Passage and saw 3 or 4 minke whales.

minke whale, you can see the right minke mitten 


We saw lots of harbour and grey seals on both departures.

harbour seals in various stages of molt

check out the harbour seal pup in the centre

female grey on the bottom left, harbour seal pup on the bottom right and 2 adult harbour seals on top

We also stopped with the nesting seabirds of Whitehorse Island on each departure as well.

the gull chicks are growing so much from day to day

So are the kittiwake chicks

These would be the feet of a murre as it dove.

Thanks for checking in with us today,

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊