Good evening everyone!  We had such a wonderful day on the water with both fin whales and minkes today.

This morning we started south of Whitehorse with 4-5 finbacks.  When they started staying under for longer we decided to head in the Islands and look for some minkes, which we found up past Casco Bay.

Here are some fin whales from the morning

The birds on and around Green Island this morning we amazing….

Great blue heron taking off

This afternoon we started inshore with 2 minkes off Race Rock including Slice

We then made our way out south of Bliss to spend time with the fin whales.  With some patience, letting the tide flood, we got some great looks but we had a little bit of a longer trip (and no one seemed to mind!).

I also got this shot of a mom and calf porpoise!

Here are some seal shots from this morning, both are harbour seals.


Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊