Good evening everyone.  We had a very special morning today on the Bay of Fundy.  Our passengers and our crew had the privilege of spending part of their morning with a critically endangered north Atlantic right whale!  We were watching finbacks off Bliss and captain Matt saw a blow and whale that he knew was not a fin whale and we slowly made our way over and quickly saw it was a right whale!  With a world wide population of less than 475 it is so incredible to be able to spend time with these large whales.  To learn more about right whales check out Right 

Here are some photos of the right whale (the photos have been submitted to the New England Aquarium’s right whale research team based in Lubec, ME for ID)

Note the callosities, the roughened patches of skin inhabited by whale lice on the front of the head.  These are unique from whale to whale and what researchers use to ID

Note the V-shaped blow and the post blowhole callosities 

Some finback photos from this morning

And we also spent some time with a minke in Head Harbour Passage

Our afternoon trip was a little rough as the S wind had picked up against the ebb tide but we found 2 large fin whales off Blacks Harbour and then made our way up Head Harbour Passage and found 3 feeding minke whales and at least 10 bald eagles in the same area and 1000’s of birds feeding on the herring.

And of course…..seals.

I thought he was so sweet…

So pretty and so sleepy 


Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊