Hello everyone, what a wonderful day we had today….

Our 10am trip was FLAT CALM and such a beautiful way to start the day.  We started off Head Harbour Light with ~5 minke whales and then made our way east.  On the way to Beaver Harbour we stopped with a pair of puffins much to the delight of our passengers and continued on our way.  We found a large finback way to the east and got some great looks before we had to start making our way back home.

Our 2pm trip we started off Beaver Harbour with the same fin whale from the morning and after getting some great views we made our way over to Head Harbour and stopped with another familiar finback along the way.  We found 2 minkes and LOTS of porpoise at the mouth of the Passage and then had to start heading home.

Drew’s Point Light off the entrance to Beaver Harbour

We had a 6pm trip tonight with the students from NBCC and we located a few minkes in Head Harbour and then made our way up to Casco Bay Island to watch 1000’s of birds feeding on small herring.  There were about 10-15 bald eagles feeding with the other birds.  We made our way back to St. Andrews through the Old Sow and Western Passage.

young Bonaparte gulls feeding

Bald eagle with a fish in his mouth he just passed….while he was flying….from his talons to his mouth

Thanks to everyone who joined us today!