It’s late and I will post more tomorrow….but I just wanted to share my facebook update…we had a great day!

What a GREAT day. This morning we had some AMAZING views of finbacks and there were at least 8 in the area, 3 were travelling side by side. I heard the finbacks were great on the afternoon trip as well, I had the afternoon off and was on the Scout Boat with John checking offshore….and we found a humpback, IDed as Waterslide….too late for our afternoon trip to go out but we called our friends

 at Whales and Sails on Grand Manan and they went out on their evening trip….and then called us for our evening trip and we headed out and found out there were 2 humpbacks there, and neither was Watersilde….we saw Ibex and Platform and then on the way home we found a fin whale and a minke (and we had Slice earlier). What a GREAT DAY!! Pics to come tomorrow

I will post more tomorrow….and I want to stress this was a first humpback sighting of the season and every trip is different….there is never a guarantee for any whale species.  

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊