Good evening everyone, we had another great day on the water with both minke and finback whales on all 3 trips.  As well we had a very special sighting of a Mola mola, or ocean sunfish, on our 10am departure!  To learn more about Mola mola check them out here.

Mola mola

Mola mola

Mola mola

Minke whale, 10am

Fin whale 10am

Finback whale 10am

Fin whale 2pm, note the lower white, right jaw

Minke whale, Slice, 5:30pm

Fin whale, 5:30pm

Most of the seals seemed to be sleepy today…..most of them….

Sleepy harbour seals

Sleepy female grey seal

Harbour seal

These guys were so not sleeping, lots of growling!

Thanks for checking in with us today!


Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊