Hey everyone, today was our second to last whale watch of the 2011 season and we had a fantastic afternoon on the Bay of Fundy.  We got close looks at 3 humpbacks to be able to get an ID but there were more blows to be seen further to the East.  We also saw 5 breaches…all at a distance….but if you were looking in the right direction you would have been able to see the entire body of a humpback completely out of the water!

The 3 humpbacks we got IDs on today were the 2009 calf of Siphon, the 2008 calf of Tether and Darjeeling, Darjeeling is new to us at Quoddy Link and I am trying to find out some more info on this whale.

UPDATE:  Darjeeling is the 2001 calf of Scylla and this is the first season this 10 year old has been recorded in the Bay of Fundy.  



2009 calf of Siphon

Thanks for checking in today….if you are around come and join us tomorrow for our final whale watch of 2011 season, the weather is suppose to be great!!


Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊