Hello everyone, we had another amazing day on the Bay of Fundy with right whales….memories of our 2009 season for sure!

On our morning trip we were out behind Eastern Wolf with about 20 right whales and to make the trip even more special Rick Mercer was filming an episode with Fundy Tide Runners that will air in the next couple of weeks….watch for it!

Rick Mercer on board Fundy Tide Runners

Rick Mercer on board Fundy Tide Runners


Rick Mercer on board Fundy Tide Runners

Moira Brown, right whale researcher

Rick Mercer waiving hello to the passengers on the Quoddy Link

On the afternoon departure we headed back out, this time closer to South Wolf where we found 20-30 rights, lots of surface activity in small groups and a number of full breaches, including a double breach where 2 whales breached at the same time!  I was  not able to get any breaching shots but Nick did!.

Check out the entanglement scars on this whale

All I got of the breaching

check out the nicks on the left fluke of this right whale

Here are 2 photos from Nick

A right whale eye

Breaching right whale

I have mentioned this before but I will say it again, this is SO SPECIAL, usually to see rights out of St. Andrews we have to travel 30-35 miles into the open Bay of Fundy but today we were only about 17 miles from town.  They are critically endangered with a world wide population of 470 and to see 20-30 whales in a small area is about 5% of that population!  There has been more than 140 right whales documented in the Bay of Fundy this season, check out this article in the Telegraph Journal.

Why not try your had at IDing right whales…..check this out!

Learn more about the North Atlantic right whale protection program,

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Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊