Hello everyone, I wanted to tell you all about our first North Atlantic right whale trip of the 2011 season….unfortunately mother nature did no co-operate and we were not able to get far enough out into the open Bay of Fundy to see right whales (wind and fog) but we still had an amazing trip with a fantastic group of hearty people.

Our first stop was to Whale Cove where we spent about 30 minutes with a very large and beautiful fin whale seen here.

With word from John on our Scout Boat that the weather was not suitable to head out to him we searched a little around Swallowtail and back in Whale Cove but after a while Matt decided to take us back to Head Harbour Passage where we spent time with a huge group of feeding herring and greater black back gulls, sooty and greater shearwaters, northern gannets and harbour porpoise.  It was so incredible, we could actually SEE the shearwaters UNDER the water catching the herring and watch them come up to the surface and try to swallow these fairly large fish.  As usual the gulls were incredibly aggressive and greedy stealing most of the fish.  It was amazing and I think everyone, including the 3 guides, were in complete awe. 

Here are a bunch of pictures I took from the feeding frenzy

Here are a bunch of Jolinne’s pictures.

Thanks so much for checking in, we do have another right whale trip scheduled for September 17 so hopefully the weather will be great for that trip.