Good afternoon all,

I spent September 27th on the boat, both the AM and PM departures, to spend some more time with whales (YES, I work on a whale watching boat and I go out and watch whales on my day off….I’m sure there are some other naturalists out there like me). I wanted to share some of the photos that I took from that day and I hope you all enjoy.

Finback lunge feeding….have a look and you can see the baleen hanging down and the inside of the mouth…even the ventral pleats from the inside!

HUGELY extended ventral pleats

Finback, look at that lower right jaw!

and from the left side it’s all dark brown!

I also wanted to include some scenery pics I took so here is a herring weir, this one is just off Simpsons Island

A passenger having a close look at East Quoddy Head Light

On the way out a brave soul on the upper deck….it was very chilly that morning.

Thanks for sharing my day off with me, I hope you enjoyed!


Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊