Hello everyone, well, it is almost the end of September and the activity in Head Harbour Passage shows so sign of slowing down. We continue to have incredible finback sighting with dramatic surface feeding on almost every single trip.

I have a bunch of photos to share with all of you…the first 2 were taken on September 25th and the rest are from September 28th.

2 fin whales travelling together

A lunge feed with the left hand side of the whale facing towards the boat

Here is a series from a lunge feed, note the asymmetrical colouring of the lower jaw and the ventral pleats. When fins lunge feed on their side they often put their right, so their white side, down and this acts as counter-shading so the prey will not notice them as much.

Here you can see a fin whale on it’s side, again feeding. Note the small pectoral flipper.

A fin JUST about to surface through the bait ball

2 fin whale lunging through the herring at the same time.

I am hoping the fin whales stay close to home for the rest of the season. The wind has been strong the past few days and we have had some fog so we have not been able to get offshore to search for humpback whales.

Keep in touch for all of the latest sightings,


Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊