Hey everyone,

The fin whale sightings have continued to be fantastic, I know, more “broken record” time. Tonight I want to share some interesting behaviour we see quite a bit here (and I know they do off Grand Manan as well, anyone else who watches fin whales on a regular basis see this behaviour). There is a fin whale charging into an area where there is a lot of feed and the it appears as if the fin whale uses a bubble cloud to help confuse his prey and feeds under the surface. Humpback whales are known to bubble cloud and bubble net feed on some of their feeding grounds but it is not documented (or published I should say) in fin whales to my knowledge.

I took this video a few days ago

Thanks for checking in tonight, I also want to mention we saw Lyrids, the juvenile humpback whale on our evening trip on August 23rd but that was our last humpback sighting so still no consistency.