Hello everyone, I just wanted to do a quick post tonight to keep you updated on our sightings. We have had some serious fog to contend with over the past few days but we have seen whales on all of our departures (there was one trip that the sighting was very poor and we gave all of our passengers a free trip to come again, and we are now starting our 50% back policy if whales are not sighted).

Yesterday morning we had an extra special surprise in the islands, a basking shark! I have never seen a basking shark in the Islands in my 9 years. We usually see basking sharks further out into the open Bay of Fundy and usually in the fall. I have some pictures but they are on the boat right now, I will try and post them tomorrow.

I also wanted share this short video of the cow and calf finback whale pair we have been spending some time with, here you can see them both doing a terminal dive in Head Harbour Passage

Thanks for checking in today, check back soon for more updates and please keep your fingers crossed that the fog will leave soon!


Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊