Good evening all, we had 2 great trips today with some fantastic fin and minke whale sightings. I was not on the 10am trip but Nick let me know they had the mom and calf fin whale and another large adult and a number of minke whales as well.

I was on the 2pm trip and we got to spend time with a few minke whales at first and then show our passengers the size difference between a minke and a finback. There was some boat traffic today around the fin whale in the afternoon and again John was fantastic and our customers were great and so aware of all the boats. John went no where near the boat traffic and we searched first for our own finback (with no luck) so we went to Head Harbour Passage and spent time with 2 minke whales until all but 2 of the pleasure boats had left and then we made our way over to the fin whale. For 9 years I have really respected the way that John watches and drives his boat around whales and I was so happy the passengers were so aware of that today!

This is a photo of the fin whale from the 2 pm trip.

We have alse been seeing a number of razorbills this season and today we had 2 razorbills sitting on the water with a common murre

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Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊