Hello everyone, lots of people ask us “when is the best time of your season to go whale watching?” and we usually tell them, “in the fall, the end of August through October” and this year, the season just keeps getting better.

This afternoon we made our way offshore to search for humpbacks again. We had some hearty passengers that were OK with a little sea condition, nothing serious but with some winds the past few days there was a little swell in the water. We made out way towards the Owen Basin where we found 2 humpbacks, Notchy, an adult male and a humpback we were never able to get an ID on because “he” never raised his tail.

John picked up a bunch of blows about a mile towards South Wolf so we made our way over. We quickly noticed there was a group of about 5-6 fin whales all traveling together and 3 humpbacks in the same area! We were able to ID the humpbacks as Colorado and her 2009 calf and Quarternote. We hadn’t seen Quarternote in 2 weeks so it was great to see him!

Here is Quarternote, a male and the 2001 calf of Buckshot.

Here is Colorado and her 2009 calf.

Here is Colorado’s calf fluking just like an adult

Thanks for checking in today. We also had a morning and an early evening charter today and we had fin whales on both trips off the entrance to Head Harbour Passage.


Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊