Hello everyone, today was another great day of whale watching off Head Harbour Passage.

Our 10:00 am trip we spent some time and got some great looks at a very young humpback whale, the 2008 calf of Touchdown (picture below). We haven’t seen this young whale since August 27th so the sighting was awesome today. This young whale will be put up for naming next spring, you can send me suggestions if you like (look for a strong mark in the fluke…a black mark…and what does it look like…and that’s the name…no gender specific names though).We also had 2 fin whales that were charging SO FAST, we estimated at one point they must have been doing 20 knots! When they surfaced it was almost a wall of white water….their power is incredible!

Our 2:00 pm departure took us in the same area as our morning trip, off the mouth of Head Harbour Passage. When we arrived, the first whale that we saw (at a distance) was a fin whale that was entangled in fishing gear. Campobello Whale Rescue was already there and hopefully they are able to get the gear off. We found a humpback and we quickly ID’ed it as the same humpback we had in the morning, the 2008 calf of Touchdown. We made our way closer to Campobello Island to get some looks at fin whales and we saw another tail come up. When we got a better look at the humpback we were happy to see that it was a new humpback to our area! I have the photos into Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies and hopefully we will have an ID soon.

Today was a great day. Our passengers often comment that Jolinne and I are more excited that they are and today I was thrilled to see a new humpback!

Thanks for checking in today!

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊