Hey everyone, I’m back from another full day on the water…and what a crazy day it was…weather wise! On our return trip home across Passamaquoddy Bay there was a wind squall that was making it way through at there were gusts measured on a fellow whale watcher of 55 knots! Very exciting and the ride on the catamaran was so stable….I love whale watching on that boat (it was out of commission for a few days but it back up and running better than ever!).

On both yesterday and today’s departure we spent time with finbacks on the morning and afternoon trips (on the flood tide, where the whales were feeding between Bliss and Blacks) and with minke whales in Head Harbour Passage on the ebb tide. The fins have been difficult to find on the ebb, travelling around more and not feeding (this is the trend right now, tomorrow is another day and this can change so quickly!!).

Below is a photo from our 10:00 am departure of a finback whale.

Thanks for checking in today!

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊