Hey folks, I’m back from a long day on the water but it was so nice to see the sun and not have too much fog to deal with. The past few days have been hard and the whales have not been making it any easier (we did miss a few trips where we didn’t see any whales, it does happen but not very often, but we have a policy where if whales are not sighted we offer a free trip to come again or a 50% refund). This morning we had the least amount of fog of the day, once we got out of Passamaquoddy Bay and we found a large fin whale off Southern Wolf….but the fog closed in after about 20 minutes so we made out way inshore and watched a minke whale off Eastport, ME. We spent time with the same minke on our afternoon and evening departure (on our 5:30 trip we also saw 2 other minke whales!). Below is a photo of the fin whale from our 10:00 am departure.

The seal sightings continue to be great and we saw many bald eagles today, both adults and juveniles.

Thanks for checking in today,