Hello everyone, just a quick note on todays trip. With thick fog in the morning we had only one departure today at 2:00 pm. We found a fin whale in the Passage off Black Rock but only got a few looks and then he took off into the fog. We traveled up and down Head Harbour Passage looking for another whale and then we got a call from a fellow whale watcher out of St. Andrews, Fundy Tide Runners that they had a minke whale in the Old Sow, in Western Passage between Deer Island and Eastport, ME. The Old Sow is the largest tidal whirlpool in the Western hemisphere and runs hardest at 3 hours before high tide. We made our way there and what a great trip it turned out to be. There was so much life there, with many harbour porpoise and birds feeding in the same area, it was fantastic. Thanks to all the passengers that came out today who were hearty and were trusting as we took them out into the thick Bay of Fundy Fog!

Thanks for checking in,

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊