Hey everyone. Well, it’s still foggy here in St. Andrews but we were able to get out on the water today at 2pm. We had a very nice sighting of atleast 2 (maybe 3) minke whales. On our way to Head Harbour Passage we stopped with 2 adult bald eagles on Nubble Island, a great sighting! We spent some time with the seals on the reefs off Casco Bay Island and also saw quite a few harbour porpoise. We have also been seeing quite a variety of seabirds in the inshore area and today we saw a puffin, a storm petrel, a group of Northern gannets and a small group of greater shearwaters! All of those birds off the entrance to Head Harbour Passage is a great sign that there is lots of food in the area….now if only the fog will lift!

Thanks for checking in.

Our 30th Anniversary! 🎊